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Hi. I would like to share my excitement and feelings about a gastro-intestinal cleanse I did several months ago. It's called the, "so easy cleanse" being the only 3-day colon cleanse to remove encrusted fecal matter aka mucoid plaque. The Ingredients are ALL Organic, RAW, and non-GMO. It's disturbing to think of what kind of filth is sticking to and clogging our intestines especially if most of you grew up on the SAD diet (standard american diet) as I did. Possible food particles, preservatives, chemicals, addititves, de-natured foods, and/or other un-natural foods that are hard to digest or for the body to completely release, etc. Think of gluten here... glue-ton.. sticking to our insides. I've heard of studies finding food particles from when we were small children that showed up in the intestinal or colon tract 20-40+ years later (how they determine that I don't want to Many doctors, researchers, health advocates, etc. are stating that one of the main factors to having great health and preventing dis-ease is having a clean and healthy functioning colon. I knew my body could use a good sweep of the intestines and colon. A collegue of mine suggested this cleanse. I documented and took pictures of my experience on this 3-day cleanse. You can view that info through my blog at The pictures show some nasty rubbery material that came out of me so those of you with weak stomachs please be prepared. I've always been in great shape and felt healthy but as I got into my early-mid twenties I noticed I wasn't digesting as well and my bowel movments were irregular. Since doing this cleanse I've had better digestion, nutrient absorbtion has seemed to improve, more energy, clarity of mind and feeling of body and regular bowel movement. During the cleanse it was very smooth and subtle. It wasn't like having diarrhea or uncontrolable releases. I knew when I had to go and was definitely mindful of being near a bathroom. I was so impressed with this cleanse that I decided to distribute it. I want people to feel as good as I do and live a happy healthy life. There are many health products and ways to go about achieving vibrant radiant health and this cleanse is definitely one of them in my book. For more info please don't hesitate to call, email me or visit Great health and happiness to you!

warm regards,

michael george aka "Detox Dude"


[email protected]
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