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Am I going to explode?

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I just made hummus. I made about one and a half cups of hummus. Unfortuntately, it was so delicious that I was obliged to eat all of it for fear that it might go bad within the hour. Oh, and I used three raw garlic cloves. It was so delicious....I loved it. Yum yum YUMMY....but, now, I'm a little worried. I am a little worried about causing fartquakes (farts so powerful the windows shake). IF I am going to be subjected to this (not to mention my poor dogs), how soon can I expect this to kick in? Any chance it'll all be over before work tomorrow morning?
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"oh but zir... it's only 'WAFFER' thin"

I think you should just make up another batch and feed it to everyone who crosses your path over the next 24 hours, then you'll all be in the same boat!

Garlic doesn't make me f*rt though, it just makes me feel like I ought to be wearing a surgical mask for half a day afterwards. I over-garlicked a spinach dip so much that I could swear I could smell it on my breath a week later!
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