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If you continue to take the medication then you need to counteract the weight gain by moving more, do more exercise and add in more strenuous activities like running up stairs. The meds are most likely messing with your metabolism so you need to work harder to keep burning and keep your metabolism up. Also if you keep taking the meds a diet modification might be necessary to keep the weight off, you described a pretty unhealthy lunch just now (starbucks and in-n out fries are not good options for losing weight, ive never been to chipotle but do know their portions are massive, 3 tacos could also be a bit much...)

Personally i'd quit the medication and use alternative methods for allergies. I live not far from you and this year the histamines and pollen have been really bad, the recent humidity wave we've been doesn't help with congestion either. The best thing that helps my allergies (and my bf's, brothers, mom's, sisters, friends) is nasal irrigation. Seriously, during allergy season I use the neti pot about once a day sometimes more, it clears up the snot AND clears out the histamines, pollen and other allergy triggers.

I know I know I know that you have an 'issue' with irrigation, but you really don't know unless you TRY IT! which is worse being fat or putting some salt water in your nose?
1 - 1 of 120 Posts
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