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Allergies to cats

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I recently found out this summer that I am allergic to cats. I thought I might be because my mom is. I get nasty bumps in many places of exposed skin after being in close contact with cats.

It's really terrible, because I <3 cats. I was visiting a friend in Ohio and I was taking a nap and her cat Sprout nuzzled up right against my head and woke me up. It was the cutest thing ever

I talked to a friend about the allergies, and she said there's some sort of breeding of cats without the thing people are allergic to. Does anyone know more about this?
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Well, it's still a ways off before I can even think of getting a cat....I've got a year left in college and the dorm policy is no pets. Plus, I don't know if my roommates and I can afford a cat on minimum wage jobs when I move to Michigan after I graduate. So it's a while away to even think of it......

I have no problems being in close contact with cats for short periods of watery eyes, no sneezing, just these unsightly bumps. My mom says that her tenants have 3 cats and they use that shampoo on them, and she didn't feel allergic to them when visiting them. Plus, I would imagine with continued exposure and research on to different breeds, it wouldn't be a problem.
I don't is possible it's mom doesn't get bumps from time i'm around a cat for extended periods of time, even though it's not tactful, i'm going to ask if the cat has fleas.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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