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Allergies to cats

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I recently found out this summer that I am allergic to cats. I thought I might be because my mom is. I get nasty bumps in many places of exposed skin after being in close contact with cats.

It's really terrible, because I <3 cats. I was visiting a friend in Ohio and I was taking a nap and her cat Sprout nuzzled up right against my head and woke me up. It was the cutest thing ever

I talked to a friend about the allergies, and she said there's some sort of breeding of cats without the thing people are allergic to. Does anyone know more about this?
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I've met a few cats and dogs that have been bred so people aren't allergic to them, they're lovely, but very expensive, and like everyone has said, you'd be supporting breeders.

Your allergy doesn't sound too bad, my mum has very severe allergies to animal fur and gets very ill if she's even in a house that an animal lives in, even if it isn't in the room. I'd research what you can do to minimise reactions, and also if there's any breeds who's fur would be less irritant, because there's a fair chance that if there are and you search properly, you'll be able to find a rescue that's right for you.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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