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\tBattlin Alec Baldwin is at war again and its not his ex-wife Kim Basinger or an airline that caught him playing Words With Friends.
\tThis time, its the circus.
\tThe 30 Rock star headlines a four-minute YouTube campaign urging Americans to boycott The Greatest Show on Earth because of what he alleges is poor treatment of their elephants.
\tHaving worked with actors for many years, its hard to believe that anyone would have to be dragged kicking and screaming into show business, Baldwin says in video posted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
\tBut for the elephants for Ringling Bros. and other circuses, thats exactly what happens.
\tBaldwin joins a long list of celebrities, including Jada Pinkett Smith and Ashley Judd, who have spoken out against elephant mistreatment.
\tIn the video, he cites PETAs multi-state investigation of Ringling Bros., first reported by the Daily News in 2009, that includes undercover video footage of animal handlers beating elephants with metal-tipped bull hooks just moments before they walked onstage.
Well done, Mr. Baldwin. Funny and compassionate, a winning combination.

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I also agree and would say thumbs up to any celebrity who supports actions to help animals.

It seems that elephants are really badly mistreated in the circus industry and one wonders why more isn't done to put an end to this ridiculous entertainement.

Thank you for posting.
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