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Hi there everyone!

I'm new to the group and am thinking about making some anti- "I love Alberta Beef" bumper stickers and am looking for some witty ideas.

So far I have:

"I will not eat Alberta Beef" (not very funny but a powerful statment)

"I love Alberta carrots" (instead of the picture of the cow there will be a carrot)

"I love Alberta Vegetarians"

"I love Alberta Cows Alive" (the word Alive will be inserted on top of the picture of the cow)

"I still love Alberta carrots" (same thing as the one above but with the word still on top of the heart)

These are just a few ideas that i've come up with and would love to have some input. And when I have them made i'll let ya know!!


1 - 20 of 418 Posts
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