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I have often found that going into scent shops, department stores and suchlike saves a fortunes on perfume and aftershave. They have those little bottles - testers - for you to try. If you point out that you're a Vegan and you'd like to try some cruelty-free ones, they will work hard to look after you.

I have been getting these for about 2 years and have saved a fortune. Personal circumstances too long and boring to go into at this point in time mean that I save where I can.

I still have enough aftershave to last me through the summer and I haven't spent a single penny.

I just make sure that I get as many as I can, telling them things like, "I'm thinking of changig brands" - which is the truth. Or that my brother or father is. They don't care, they want rid of the little bottles.

Just a suggestion...
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