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Some back story first:

I haven't eaten meat at all in the last 2 months. In the 3-4 months before that, I probably had 3 or 4 servings of meat total. So, I'm fairly convinced that it's not my lack of meat that's causing the energy loss.

My Iron levels, the last time I gave blood (in November), were good,not as high as they could have been, but only because I'd given 3 months previous to that. My reseve was pretty good too.

I'm hypoglycemic, meaning I go through sugar quickly. It's diet controlled and as long as I'm eating at a regular time, I'm fine. Usually a glass of juice when I start to crash is all I need to pick me up (Though I have allergic reactions to fruit juice, orange juice especially, it's nothing major. Just a rash mainly)

This week I decided to decrease my dairy consumption-

1. I may not be able to give up 'all' dairy, but if I can decrease it then it decreases the money I'm giving to dairy producers.
2. Milk always makes me feel a little ill. My mother's lactose intollerant, so I'm not surprised milk wouldn't be the best thing for me.
3. My skin. I've been getting cystic type pimples on and off for a while, but last week one really flared up and I thought maybe cutting dairy would help my skin.
4. Soy is a good source of good things!

So, I cut milk out of my diet. I still had some cheese, but as milk is my daily dairy intake that was the first to go.

Now, in the evenings I get incredibly lethargic.

My diet usually goes-

Breakfast- Baked Beans and a coffee, now with soy milk (No, there is no compromise on the coffe, I can't cut it out, I can't have it black). I don't drink coffee after 9AM, so the most I get is 2.

Snack- Museli bar. Cup of tea after 11.

Lunch- Subway veggie pattie, or a stirfry with fake meats/lentils.

Dinner- Tonight it's pesto with lentils, mushrooms and pasta. (Pesto has some cheese in it). I usually do stirfrys though with a good source of Iron.

Plus usual water when I feel like it.

So, from all that, can anyone work out how to fix me?

It could just be general tiredness, work's been a pain in the bum, but this feels different.

I'm going to the doctor soon anyway, so I will ask about this if it's still a problem. But thought someone helpful here could help :p


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'Lo Tiger-Lilly

You appear to have virtualy no fresh vegetables at all in your diet.

Try eating a substantial amount of fresh veg, raw or cooked as lightly as possible.

Uncooked food (salad, fruit, etc) should always be eaten before, not after, cooked foods btw.

Not professional advice that but upping the fruit and veg in ones diet is pretty much guarantedd not be harmfull.

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All I can think of is to make sure you're getting some B vitamins. The tiredness may not be a result of diet change though, because I can't imagine why cutting out milk would cause that. Correlation doesn't necessarily indicate causation.
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