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Thank you for the info =)

I think the main problem will be the fact that most foods seem to contain a million different ingredients, and unless you're actually familiar with them, it's impossible to know exactly what they are =/

By the way, do you know if rennin is the same thing as rennet? I've seen it listed on cheese I think, and have avoided it because I wasn't sure.
Yes, it's the same thing. But if you're wanting to go vegan (I assume so based upon the forum you entered, and the mention of PETA), then all dairy cheese should be avoided because dairy cows often have an even worse life than beef cows.

I'd stick with froggy's advice to start off by avoiding the major ingredients: milk, eggs, gelatin, whey and casein, and of course meat, fish and poultry. If you avoid all those you'll cut out at least 98% of animal derived ingredients, and you can worry about the last 2% of ingredients that are sometimes derived from animals as you get more comfortable reading labels.
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