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So i have been high raw vegan for 5 months with just my dinner being cooked rice or potatoes. 6 days ago i went all raw and i have not had too bad detox because i think being high raw has helped. However i am getting a dull ache in my stomach and I'm becoming increasingly aware of it. The only thing that stops this feeling is eating. Its not a feeling of hunger because I'm eating adequate amounts of fruit and leafy greens.

I have experienced something like this feeling before when i was a meat eater but thought it was just because i was eating the wrong things. When i eat my fruits and veggies my stomach doesnt hurt at all it just keeps this weird feeling away. Also i didn't get this feeling when being high raw vegan but i think it was unnoticeable because i was eating lots of dense foods.

Could it be my gut bacteria changing or something? Is this normal? Or could i have a parasite? :eek: I really hope not!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I know *exactly* the feeling you're talking about. I started to notice about a week or so after starting a high-raw diet. Personally, I assumed it's the fact my stomach has to have stretched having to eat enough raw fruit and veg to be able to consume a proper amount of calories and nutrients! You may be consuming enough calories and nutrients, but that doesn't mean your stomach itself isn't empty because it's had to stretch out to hold all the food you eat. I've been used to such (comparatively) tiny portions, and now I have to eat these massive portions because raw foods aren't calorie dense. I've found eating smaller meals throughout the day helps. I just can't stomach the huge portions 3 meals a day or deal with the "empty/achy" feeling in my stomach between meals! You know the size of those raw food salads and eating 9 pieces of fruit in a setting people on youtube? I can't do that in one setting, but I can if I try consuming the same amount in 3 mini-meals an hour or so apart. Though I feel like I'm always eating now lol. One other thing to try is water, or eat an apple to help the pain but it doesn't help for long. I would really try more meals of smaller portions and see if that helps! It did for me:)

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I hate to say it but high carb or high fat diet are unrealistic!!!!!!

Try grinding up 25g-50g of flax seeds in a coffee grinder and add them to a fruit/baby spinach smoothie in the morning for a week. See how you feel "mentally".

We humans require exogenous fatty acids whole plant foods to build the brain.

Please break away from the cult mentality and you'll see the benefits of consuming whole plant non-oxidized fatty acids.
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