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Advice? Going to my dad's

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Anyway, I've always visited him as a vegetarian. Here's the thing. I'm trying to go vegan.
In a vegan house, it is much much much easier. Also, I'll have to tell him that I'm going vegan, and when I'm over there I constantly get asked if I eat turkey, fish, etc.. Not by him, but by my step mom, step sisters, yada yada. xD I know I'm going to bring my own food. I'm probably going to stay the weekend, so I need some suggestions to what food I should bring. I don't need to bring fruit tho because he always has a lot of it. Anyway. I haven't seen my dad in a year. And I'm very excited about visiting him again because we have great times together.
So yea I just need some food advise.. what I should bring for 2 or maybe 3 days.
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do you have to take something pre made or can you make it there?
I agree some home made foods, some vegan treats so you can share them.
It depends what he has there, I'd bring soya margerine, rice milk and maybe something like hummus and then use what he has/visit the shops to buy fresh stuff. That way you can have either toast or cereal for breakfast (bring your own bread if it's a problem, I don't know where you are!), hummus sandwhiches for lunch with whatever he has (crisps, salad, pickles, whatever) if he doesn't have anything else you like, and you can cook something quick for dinner from vegetables, beans and grains and spices and things he should have in the house (or you can pick up easily) - maybe bring a can/packet of beans if you think he wont have them.

Most people will have a vegan snack in the house - crisps (chips if you're american), fruit, some biscuits, popcorn, twiglets, etc - three days isn't long so you can just have fruit really without it being a big deal. Maybe bring something to share if you think he may not have anything (big bag of crisps, or packet of biscuits, or something), if it's homemade it's quite nice because you can give it like a gift to the house, homemade cookies or cakes would always go down well, so it's a nice guesture, it shows off the versititlity of vegan food and you have yummy vegan snacks!

My advice would be to bring the bare minimum, because that way it doesn't seem like a big deal, and just use what's around - I think you'll be pleseantly supprised at how easy it can be. That's what I'd like to do anyway because I don't like to make a big fuss - margerine and rice milk would be my main "must haves" because they make things like cereal/sandwhiches/toast/cups-of-tea (or whatever) easy and these are staple things most people will have vegan fillings for. I'd probally bake something as a nice guesture too
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