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Advice For Balcony Garden For A Total Gardening Newbie

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Hi Everyone,
I will be moving in about a week and a half to a new apartment. This apartment includes a pretty good-sized balcony. I've never had a balcony before, so I really want to grow a few things. I am a total newbie to any gardening - never did it in my life. The closest I came was trying to keep a plant in my apartment years ago and it died on me (which already gives you a clue as to my gardening skills...)

So I'm looking to start a very small and basic garden at first. My mom grows mostly herbs on her balcony garden, so I'd love to do that. I use a lot of chives and cilantro in cooking, so it would be awesome to grow those and not have to spend money on them in the grocery store. I would also love some tea herbs like lemongrass and mint. I read recently that radishes and tomatoes are pretty easy to grow at home and I use those often in cooking as well, but that might be too much for me to tackle right now.

So my question is - how the heck to I get started???

I do have a few limitations. I don't have a car so whatever gardening tools and things I get will have to be local. The most local place I have that would have those things is Walmart (I know, boo to Walmart, but I don't have a choice). Also, I live in West Texas, where the weather is typically quite dry and dusty and very hot in the summer. So that might limit me in terms of what I can grow.

I also forgot to mention that I have a few fairly large plastic storage boxes that I'm not using right now. I thought they might be good for converting into gardening boxes, as they are small but deep. I have no idea if you can grow things in a plastic box, though (that's how clueless I am!)

Any tips on how to get start would be great. Any websites good for beginners like me for balcony gardens would be cool too.

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OK! The plastic boxes are fine for planting if you make a few holes in the bottom and then put in some stones before the compost - drainage.
Herbs are an easy starting thing. Most grow in pretty por soil in the wild so don't need any special soil or compost. Parsley, cilantro and basil are very easy to grow and don't need much looking after. I've grown chilli in pots too. I just collected the sedes from a store bought one and off they went.
Most plants like a wee bit shade and a balcony serves well because you can move the pots into the shade if and when required.
Gardening is a skill that comes with experience and experimentation,, so Djuna, bite the bullet, plant what you think you want to use and take it from there.
Good luck, Martha x
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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