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Advice about smokers in student accommodation?

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To make this clear before I start: I live in student accommodation which is basically lots of little houses contained by a wall and fence, owned by my university.

Anyway I was in one house, got rising damp there, so reception moved me to another for my health.

Unfortunately I went upstairs to the dining room to join/meet people tonight, then realised at least three were smoking. There's a smoking ban in place anywhere public in England now (as long as it's a contained structure eg. a building - people can still smoke outside if they want) and virtually everyone knows about this. It applies to the communal areas in each house in the student village, because they're shared by other people - so it includes the dining room and the kitchen.

So they know it's illegal but were smoking in there. Anyway, as I've only just moved into the house, how do I get them to stop smoking in the dining room without annoying people I've only just met? Any suggestions?
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You should talk to whoever's in charge of the accommodations. A smoking ban went in effect in Ohio last year, and our resident assistants (students who are in charge of the dormitories) basically had to send out a lot of e-mails and posted signs near the doors telling people where it was acceptable to smoke. Maybe the administration doesn't know people smoke inside or doesn't care, but if you make it known that it bothers you, they should definitely make the smoking rules clear.
I would just say that you would rather they did not smoke in any communal areas, as it makes you feel ill. Tell them if they must smoke then could they please do it in their own bedrooms with the door closed and window open if possible, but preferably outside.

They are breaking the law and affecting your well being and health and you need to speak out. You are not in the wrong here, they are. If they refuse, talk to your Residential Officer or whoever is in charge on site. These people are being selfish and you need to say something or else they will carry on. Be polite but firm.

Good luck!
Just talk to them and say the smell bothers you. Don't make too big a deal about it at first to see if thats all it takes. Obviously if they continue doing it again stress it a bit more, then if it still continues go ask the hall reception about it. Don't go straight there though, give them a chance to do it their own way.
Thanks for the advice peoples
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