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It is an infection of the skin. happens principally in the face, also in the back, chest, shoulders and neck. It is caused by changes in the sebaceous glands of the skin, producing a fat in excess,this obstructs the pores generating injuries in the skin,it is known as grains (white points), pimples (white points), blackheads (black points) etc. It is very frequent in the teenagers of both sexes between 12 and 25 years, persisting up to 40 years in some cases; it affects 70% of the juvenile population

ASTERACEA is a Peruvian product serves to eliminate your acne, regenerating and revitalizing your skin 100 % natural, based on flour of asteraceas; cheap and effective, without contraindications or chemical additives. this treatment eliminates the different types of acne as:comedoniano, papulo pustuloso, foruncular (to ask for information) and quistito. With rapid and well-known results from the first applications. His application must be accompanied of baths sauna and a diet specifies appropriate.


1. To clean the pores and the skin renews 2. To eliminate the bacteria (accompanied of an irritation in the skin)

3. The production of fat regulates 4. Reduce the inflammation and the reddening of the skin 5. It does not leave the face with sheen.

For more information

[email protected]
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