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I made it a point to listen to my first podcast this week and it was excellent, I listened to one on an essay by Walden on about Self Sufficiency. Podcasts are great to listen to and very soothing. Specially, if you are single, lonely, stressed, overwhelmed or just wish to chill out and have spent a lot of time infront of PC and don't wish to watch TV/PC etc., listen to a podcast with a Beer or a Cup of Herbal Tea. It is like listening to friends chat at their/your convenience and is vey relaxing, informative. If you like audio books, you will love podcasts. Inorder to increase their popularity, it would be very helpful to have whole huge past collection of Podcasts in a particular category of the order of say 250MB to 1Gig downloadable as torrents, people love torrents/collections and this will avoid having them to do a lot of searches, download time etc., and create increased interest in podcasts.

Here are some cool Frugal podcasts for starters:

Listen to your first podcast this week and then one podcast every few days, I am sure you will love and appreciate them, specially those who like Audiobooks. Best part is that they are free for the most part.


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