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I used to hate onions too! Though I always loved garlic. I now eat raw onions on my veggie burger, and drool every time I fry some onions. In the first week of going vegan I made 2 huge batches of vegan french onion soup. Best thing I have ever eaten in my life.

My love of just about all veggies now have increase tenfold, except a few that I didn't even like when I was still an omni. Just about every fruit and vegetable out there I think is the best thing in the world! People would look at me funny when I'm exclaiming out loud at just how delicious I think eggplant is!

10 years ago I would say I hate veggies, my parents always had a hard time telling me to eat the veggies on my plate. Now I tell her, "Isn't this what you've always wanted me to do? Eat my veggies? Well look at me now, that's all I eat!" :p
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