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Been lurking here for quite a while now so I guessed I could create an account and start posting.

I'm 17 at the moment, been a lacto-ovo vegetarian since last September. I think it's the best decision I ever made and I can't imagine eating meat/fish ever again. I have a lot of health problems so my vegetarianism has caused a lot of arguements between my mum and me, but luckily lately there haven't been any.

I love reading, writing, drawing, movies, photography, music, etc.

I don't really know any vegetarians, but my sister is a pescetarian and has been one for the past 7-8 years, planning to go vegetarian/vegan all the time but has a hard time giving up seafood so she is jealous of me for being able to go 'cold turkey'.

Okay, that's a long post, sorry.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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