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Anybody can visit and find the vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Charlotte (there are 4: Bollywood Bites, Luna's Living Kitchen, Woodlands Pure Veg, Zizi's). But many of us crave more variety or convenience and eat at non-veg places as well. So I asked my friends for input and came up with the following list of what to order where. It has come in handy when I'm in an unfamiliar part of town or my non-veg family members want to dine out at a place where I won't end up with a plain salad. Please contribute if you have a favorite place to eat that happens to be non-veg!

If something on this list isn't actually vegan, please let us know!

Brixx Pizza (chain)
1. Pita chips and three dips
2. Spinach salad (without dressing, croutons, or cheese)
3. Vegan cheese pizza (special order, not on menu)
4. Any vegetarian pizza with vegan cheese instead of dairy
5. Pasta pomodoro

Cheesecake Factory (chain)
1. Evelyn's Favorite Pasta [subtract parmesan, ask if current shipment of pasta contains egg]
2. Grilled portabella [without mayo, or cheese]
3. The incredible eggplant sandwhich [no garlic aioli or mozzarella, ask if bread contains egg or dairy]
4. Edamame
5. Create your own lettuce wrap or order Thai Lettuce Wraps without the chicken
6. Bowl of Fresh Strawberries [minus whipped cream]

Chili's (chain)
Vegetarian Menu:
1. Note: Veggie burger is NOT vegan
2. Add On Cadillac Style Fajitas (no meat, cheese, or sour cream; it's basically "make your own fajitas")
3. According to the Vegetarian Menu online the following items are vegan: Corn tortillas, black beans, guacamole, mashed black beans, Pico de Gallo, Salsa Picante, Mandarin oranges, corn kernels.

eez Fusion and Sushi (exit 25)
1. Lettuce wraps [tofu option]
2. Vegan sushi roll [sweeter sushi, made with beets, carrots, etc]

Makong Authentic Thai Cuisine [I-77 exit 18]
[hidden on Harris Blvd, around the corner from Northlake mall in a shopping center]
1. Fried tofu
2. Fresh spring rolls
3. Coconut juice [blows your mind! if you like coconut that is]
4. They serve soy milk too!
5. Masaman Curry [substitute tofu, everything pretty much can be substituted with tofu on the menu]

Moe's (chain)
1. A tofu burrito filled with lots of veggies and guacamole
2. Tofu rice bowl [minus cheese]
3. Art Vandalay [minus cheese and sour cream]

"At Moe's we follow the necessary guidelines for vegetarians, such as cooking our veggies on a separate grill and serving cheese and sour cream that is free of gelatin and animal rennet" -Dan Barash, director of R&D for Moe's Southwest Grill

Noodletasia (I-77 exit 23)
1. Vegetarian sushi (without the tempura batter on the asparagus)
2. Vegan stir fried noodles (yes, "vegan" is actually on the menu!)
3. Lettuce Wrap (veg option) <--don't be fooled by the name, this is VERY filling!!!

Panera Bread (chain)
View Ingredient lists:
1. Whole Wheat Bagel* w/ Hummus
2. Soup (Low-Fat Vegetarian Black Bean Soup is vegan) and a whole wheat baguette piece*
3. Kid's PB&J*
4. Fresh fruit cup
5. Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich (without the cheese, and on sourdough bread)*

*Some of the breads contain honey and almost all of them have questionable additives such as monoglycerides which may or may not be animal derived; the sourdough bread appears to be 100% vegan, however; the peanut butter contains hydrogenated oil and the jelly contains high fructose corn syrup - both are vegan but the hydrogenated oil is a health hazard and the HFCS is still up for debate

Pinky's Westside Grille (W Morehead St)
1. Tahini Salad [falafel cakes too!]
2. Veggie Chili [has cheese, may be able to get without]
3. Corn dog [vegetarian]
4. Veggie dog topped with veggie chili [100% organic soydogs]
5. Sweet potato fries
6. Fried squash

Sangam Indian Cuisine (I-77 exit 28)
1. Somosa
2. Aloo Tikki
3. Allo Gobhi
4. Long vegetarian menu w/ lots of options that appear to be vegan

Sushi 101 (chain)
Yaki, Any, or Don style noodle bowl (tofu, mushroom, or veggie option)

Thai Marlai (I-77 exit 28)
1. Fresh steam rolls (vegetarian option)
2. Papaya Salad
3. Pad Thai (vegetarian option)

Thai Taste [University Area, Mallard Creek near Trader Joes]
1. Vegetable Fresh Roll
2. Tofu Tod
3. Poh Peah Tod
4. Thai Salad [tofu]
5. Mussamun Curry with Tofu [hands down the best curry on the menu]

Zada Janes Corner Cafe (Central Ave)
1. Hummus Frummus Wrap
2. Franz Kofta Veggie Burger [appears to be vegan, not entirely's made with portabella, sauteed veggies, curry,and a creamy almond sauce- could skip the almond sauce to be safe or ask]
3. The Green Mindmelt
4. The East Western [scrambled, curry tofu with veggies, breakfast menu]

Zoe's Kitchen (chain)
1. Hummus* & Pita
2. Potato Salad* (it's made with baby red potatoes and olive oil instead of mayonaise)
3. Seasonal fresh fruit*
4. Braised white beans with fresh rosemary
5. Roasted fresh vegetables
6. Veggie Kabobs (charbroiled portobellos, zucchini, peppers, onions, tomato, braised white beans, side greek salad)
* = also sold by the pint or quart in "take home tubs"
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