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I imagine they cannot be too bad, or else they would not sell them, knowing how inked up some people get, or stupid some pensuckers are.

Good story. This kid I went to school with in grade four.

Teacher: "Hey- Joel? are you sucking on markers again??"

Joel with a purple/blue/green inky mouth: "No, Mrs. Petterson!"

Mrs.Petterson, "Alright then. Why don't you begin your oral presentation now, Joel?"

Joel: "Okay..." stands in front of the class. "... Il etait un fois, le chat vivait... **CLUNK!**"

(Joel goes cross eyed, passes out cold from marker poisoning and lands inky face first flat smack on the ground with a loud WUUMP! noise.)

But he had been sucking on those things for a LOOONG time. I don't think the same would happen to you, just drawing on yourself.
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