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Friends and anyone, feel free to notice whoever may wish to read about caution for their PC.

My data that I thought I might probably have lost as a result of hard-drive curling up its toes due to it being over 6 years old and more consequentially the fact I switched off my PC at the mains one too many times all contributed to my demised hard-drive BUT apparently I am saved despite my lack of backups, since having had my data sent to a recovery lab by an engineer who I had round who took away my hard drive/disk for a technician to go work on, I thus have 95% of my data back now I am told which is awesome great awesome great, and a very big relief, and alright not all of my friends know this, but you do now, and is a caution to everyone about possible wear and tear and switching off your computer at the mains, especially if you do so whilst your PC is busy with multiple processes resulting by pressing too many keys at once, and having too many programs on the go, and continuing to press keys..... And then sometimes, END TASK, although rare, even that may not always work as you all may have witnessed ocassionally using your own PC, for that was how much busy my PC was in its over-ride preoccupation, that got me impatient which lead to me abruptly turning off my PC at the mains which is very bad whilst your PC is busy and in the process of writing to disk because an abupt switch off can corrupt and indeed damage your hard disk as it did mine. Soooo please beware of that everyone if you are in the habit of doing what I had a habit of doing.... Instead just try to be a bit patient with your PC if it slows so much you wanna punch it, AND look at ways of making it speed up legitmately rather than killing it detrimentally (unless switching off at the mains is absolutely unavoidable).

Although of course killing programs legitimately by means of Task Manager however is the safe way to stop running processes. (IFyou can and CTRL+ALT+DEL is working for you whilstever your PC is acting up or simply you have the need or desire to shut down programs to lesson Virtual Memory RAM use or whatever).

ps, I got away with switching my PC off at the mains a fair amount, but do it too much and you may well be out of luck, even if you have XP like me as your OS which generally should be able to cope with such sudden turn off, unless you're PC happens to be struggling to write to harddrive any system info or function (visible process or not/ common file or not/ internal/system file or not, info negated during which or not, although much shutdown negation or file defiling/ whatever,, would inevitably put much of your PC in jeopardy & strain anytime its gets its shock, no??) and so whatever process makes its comeback and abort at the time, I suppose PC's must have some way to react quickly by themselves, supposing that above all the system internal mechanising to take place must cease but still surivie without properly shutting down ETC,, which I can only guess is near impossible for it to do I would have thought in what is a split second when you flick the mains switch, so I don't know how it does and survives that generally, but thats the problem and even XP as I have, won't always save you from your own foolhardyness or be it last resort switching off of your PC).


Incidently I don't know what VISTA is like in any regard mentioned above, but I don't imagine that has any improvement for sudden shut down recovery or instantaneous unexpected shut downs etc. Anyone know for Vista what happens to prevent data lost or harddrive corruption and damage etc?


Anywad, yeah, note to my friends here again: I am lucky to have my PC back on its feet with a new harddrive fitted and with 95% of my data, at least when I get the disk sent to me by the company I employed to retrieve my data which should reach me on something like the 18th of March..
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