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A Former Veggie Returns...Hello

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Hi Everyone,

I'd like to introduce myself.I was a vegetarian about 3 years ago for a year and a half while I was pregnant with my 2nd. child and breastfeeding for almost 2 yrs.For the past year,I went back to just eating chicken and fish,(no beef though,havent eaten that for 6 yrs)I really dont remember why I started eating flesh again.To be honest,I could never eat it without having some fried breading covering it.The flesh taste by itself was not good!

Well,I just wanted to say that the Veggiemama is back!I havent had any flesh for about a week now and I feel great!No more animals for me!I hope to become Vegan as well in the very near future.

I am happy to have found you all and I hope to become really good friends.

Thanks for reading

Take care,

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All right! Yes!

Welcome here, and welcome back to vegetarianism!
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Hey, veggiemama! I think it's great that you've come back to being veggie.
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Your story to recap, allow me:

Episode IV: A New Hope

Episode V: The Flesh-Eating strikes back

Episode VI: The VeggieMama returns

Welcome you, I to this board do. Read you must it, and articles post often. Become, you will then happy.

p.s. That was Yoda-talk!! Welcome! I bet you'll love it here!
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Hey, Veggie Mama. Welcome back.

Say, what ever happened to your website?
Thanks for the warm welcome everybody!

Hey Joe,what do you mean about the website?I am very computer illeterate,I have no idea about how to make a website?!

Hey Oatmeal,your post was great!I had to read it a few times though!

I plan to post very often.

I think there was a website run by someone called VeggieMama, but maybe you're not the person he's thinking of.
Hi Michael,No it wasnt me.

Can I be the New VeggieMama then??

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Apparently you're the only VeggieMama here, that's good enough for me.
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*hugs VeggieMama* Congrats on going veg in the first place, and double-congrats for having the humility to admit your shortcomings.

Oatmeal, make me laugh, your post did.
welcome back (to being veggie) and here (to VB) veggiemamma !!!!!!!
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Originally posted by Michael

I think there was a website run by someone called VeggieMama, but maybe you're not the person he's thinking of.
You are right, Michael.

Sorry, Veggie Mama. I confused you with someone else named Veggie Mama, who did have a website. My Bookmark in Netscape tells me that the last time I visited it was in January 2001. The site has now become a porn site anyway. Weird.

At any rate, sorry about the confusion.
welcome back to veg*nism!!

i'm a veggie mama as well and i LOVE cats. i look forward to yours posts.

Thank you!We have a few things in common.

I look foward to your posts as well.

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