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I have been up most of tonight writing a paper. At about 7:30am I decided enough was enough so I made myself some steaming kahvi and went out into my little courtyard to enjoy the morning. The first thing I hear is the little girl who lives behind us calling out "Apple Apple" which is her way of greeting my gorgeous little cat Waffle. So that was pretty cute!
Then, I was looking at the spiders that have taken over half of our clothes line. I have talked about them here before, they are leaf curling spiders. At first I was worried that they were dangerous or would climb into our clothes and nest, but I found out about them online and they aren't dangerous and they stick to their side of the clothes line. Anyway, I was looking at this curled leaf thinking that these spiders really are an ambassador to natural architecture. Then I realised that the early morning sun was reflecting on the actual web in the most amazing way. I could see every single thread reflecting light. This web was apsolutely amazing. It was big, diameter of over 30cm, and just so perfect. So I was blowing out at how perfect it looked and then I happened to look up and to my right and in this shrub/tree and there was an even bigger web, with the leaf curled and perfectly in place at the top of the web. The light was reflecting off of the web in rainbow colours! I kid you not, it had these beautiful pinky/purple and this bright aqua colours. Awe inspiring. This web is big! Probably about 55 cm across. They are so amazing, I have not seen such detailed and perfect webs in a long long time/happy sigh.

I realise that I probably could have noticed these webs a long time ago if I had have really taken a moment and let my eyes actually see, instead of having to much of a busy morning mind to notice anything outside the world in which I live.

I hope all of you catch a glimpse into the world that we don't live in one morning as well. It makes for a brilliant start to the day in so many ways!

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