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9 Raw Salads with simialar ingredients & Grocery budget (+pics)

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In the photo below: Carrots, dates, oranges, apples, peppers, grapes, avocados, lettuce, cantaloupe, cauliflower and bananas. Using these similar ingredients, I have assembled many salads, all very diverse. In the following photos, you will see various salads I have for dinner.

*Side note: Bananas are my staple. Potatoes, beans and rice are a staple in our diet as well (which is not seen here), but beans, potatoes and rice are inexpensive in large quantities, similar to bananas.

Here is a typical salad: Iceberg lettuce with cucumbers, carrots, peppers and tomatoes with dressing of tomatoes, pieces of cucumber & carrots and avocado. As you can tell in the photo above, I have spiralized the carrots and cucumbers into noodles.

Another salad with similar ingredients as the one before. I usually do not alter ingredients, I always stick to my basic formula: lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrots, avocado.

This salad is a little different, without the addition of carrots. Instead I have added chopped cauliflower for a 'feta cheese' effect.

Salad with spiralized cucumber and carrots overtop a bed of lettuce and tomato. The dressing I used is featured in the picture below:

The dressing is made of three oranges (juiced) with 1 cup of grapes (seeded) and a little avocado.

Another salad with similar ingredients, lettuce, tomatoes, spiralized carrots & cucumber with chopped cauliflower on top.

In this salad I added purple cabbage for some color. All of the individual pictures of salads were different dinners. I usually have a salad everyday for dinner while I eat bananas and other fruits for breakfast and lunch. For example in the picture below, my favorite breakfast is melons. I will eat a whole cantaloupe or watermelon to myself...

Many more...

Remember, Bananas are the cheapest of all foods and contain Potassium and essential amino acids for sustenance, so these should be your staple. At this point in my life, bananas take up 60% of my diet.

Visit the links below for more examples of grocery budget & how I eat:

As you read the links above, suggestions for further reading will be provided at the end of every blog post.
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Bumping this thread! I love salads and all the variations one can create with them.

And I miss your posts Cassie!
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Note to myself: Eat more green and yellow vegetables.

Very INTERESTING! Thanks for sharing! :bobo:
@sillybunns- posts always appreciated. The natural homestead seems like such an unobtainable lifestyle yet she made it real. I like to think she's too off grid to post.

Ooooh, blog is updated! So glad this was bumped!
blog link-
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