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I have not taken the full plunge yet. My family is supporting me with my diet change (they have to I am the main cook!) but we still haven't as a family made the jump yet.

The reason we are eating more vegetarian meals is for my health. Since switching to eating meat only a few times a week and cutting sugar almost completely out. I went from 316 to 264. We also found our food budget stretches further now too.

My kids have been great in handling the switch. They already liked vegetables, so that wasn't a problem. As for tofu, as long as they know it's tofu they like it. As soon as you try to hide tofu, they hate the dish. So now I get requests for things like Tofu Tacos and Tofu Spanish rice.

I'm and glad I found this forum, too many boards had members that got upset because I wasn't a full vegetarian yet. When we do make that plunge. (This week looks close the only meat in the house is a bag of chicken tenderloins.)

We are becoming more careful about what we eat. If we do plan to stay with meat, we are going to support family farms. After seeing the Meet your meat video my husband and I were mad, because we both grew up on working family farms and you do not treat your livestock that way! But of course the factory farms are putting profit before morals.

So basically this is the plan for my family we still with have our dairy and eggs, but increasing the beans and grains in our diet.

It's a slow change, but one my family has liked and not argued too much with. Perhaps soon I can post we made the whole transition soon.
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