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Signed up for this last week/odds are probably not very good, but I have lucked out with a few companies. I tested a HP printer/scanner/fax last year for two months and when testing was complete they let me keep the product. Not bad it sells for $350 at Best Buy
Currently testing a new security system, and hopefully will get to keep that too.

Here are the details on this beta test..

Greetings from Philips Audio Club!

WANTED -- 50 beta-testers!

We're truly excited to bring you an invitation prepared exclusively for Philips Audio Club members. We

are looking for 50 volunteers to test our HDD100, the world's smallest Recording Audio Jukebox. Join the

test and tell us how to make it better.

Philips HDD100 - A universe of music in your hand!

Imagine absolute freedom - having your wayall the way. Weighing just 167 grams, Philips HDD100

has the awesome 15GB capacity to pack your entire music world within its svelte frame. That's more than

3,000 songs on the go! With super-fast USB2 PC connection, you can transfer ALL your music to your

HDD100 - anytime, in no time. A real stunner, the HDD100 is decked in high gloss magnesium and hardened

glass, exuding the hard-core signature allure that's hard to resist. When you move, your universe moves

with you. Not the other way around...

Become a beta-tester at

The HDD100 beta-test application period runs from 12:01 AM, Friday, 4 April, 2003 PST to 6:00 PM,

Sunday, 18 May, 2003 PST. As our much-valued Philips Audio Club member, you are among the first to

receive this special invitation. To access your own pre-prepared application form, just click the following

link: (personal link removed)

Or, you can go to, and enter your beta-test application there. Either way,

your chance to be one of the first to try out the Philips Recording Audio Jukebox HDD100 is just one click


Thank you and best wishes,

Philips Audio Club
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