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Some of you here may be interested in this article extracted from

China and Hong Kong Films had dominated almost all the prominent categories at this year Golden Horse Awards, held in Taipei last evening (25 Nov 2006), all thanks to the controversy during nomination stage.

Earlier, internationally acclaimed Malaysian Filmmaker, Tsai Ming-Liang vowed to forever boycott Golden Horse Awards after the judges criticized his latest work I Dont Want to Sleep Alone for over-indulgent in style over substance. According to reports, the judges described the film as indulgent and failing to capture audiences audience, even though it had won awards at the prestigious Cannes, Berlin and Venice film festivals.

Further added to the controversy was the abrupt withdrawal of Taiwan director Leste Chen The Go Master. Although no official explanation of the withdrawal were given yet, it was reported that the movie, which was nominated for four awards - including Best Actor has been accused of copyright infringement.

With the absent of such prominent films, needless to say, the competition at the Golden Horse this year would be between the China and Hong Kong movies.

Hong Kong Filmmaker Peter Chan Ho-Sun picked up top honors for Best Director for his musical Perhaps Love while another Hong Kong Director Tam Ka-Ming, who has been absent for almost 17 years, returned with After This Our Exile, which was named the Best Feature Film.

In the acting categories, last year Best Actor winner, Aaron Kwok, pocketed the Best Actor Award for the second time, while Chinese Actress Zhou Xun walks away with the Best Actress Award, beating hot-favourite Hong Kong veteran actress, Carina Lau.

The following are the list of award winners:

Best Feature Film - After This Our Exile

Best Director - Peter Chan Ho-Sun (Perhaps, Love)

Best Actor - Aaron Kwok (After This Our Exile)

Best Actress - Zhou Xun (Perhaps, Love)

Best Supporting Actor - Goum Ian Iskandar (After This Our Exile)

Best Supporting Actress - Nikke Shie (Reflections)

Best New Performer - Bryant Zhang (Eternal Summer)

Best Cinematography - Peter Pau (Perhaps, Love)

Best Sound Effects - Tu Du-chi (Amour-Legende)

Best Original Film Score - Lin Giong (Do Over)

Best Short Film - The Secret in the Wind

Best Art Direction - Tim Yip (The Banquet)

Best Make Up and Costume Design - Tim Yip (The Banquet)

Best Original Script - Ning Hao (Crazy Stone)

Viewers Choice - Exiled

Taiwan has played host to the Golden Horse Awards for the past 43 years. However, with the growing demands for Chinese Films, Taiwanese film industry has been struggling to make profits. Nevertheless, Taiwan-born film director, Ang Lee, has been making headlines in Hollywood particularly for his work Brokeback Mountain (2005), which won three Oscar including the Best Achievement in Directing.
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