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I was thinking this might be a good thing for us to do to not only boost our self-esteem, but to think about what we can give as well as what we want. And I think this thread and the other are a good way for people who always end up with the wrong kind of person or waste their time on incompatible people to really assess what they should be looking for and stop wasting time on the wrong people or trying to be someone they are not to please someone else.

I for one know if I read a personal ad asking for someone who is passionate, outgoing, and fully of energy. However, I can offer something to someone who would like a steady, thoughtful, practical person who won't find their homebody, introverted lifestyle boring.


2)honestly try to understand things from other person's point of view- want to learn to see things in new ways. I won't give a knee jerk reaction to an unusual idea or pov.

3)Will cherish any time with you, especially the boring stuff. I can sit quietly on the couch reading, go on long car rides and not feel I have to fill the silence every minute, grocery shopping on a Friday night with a lover so we can cook a meal together is my idea of a romantic night out.

4)intelligent conversation, and I will call you on your bullcrud

5)I love animals. I will buy your pets toys, play with them, care for them if you are out of town, and understand your devotion to them. I will offer the love of my own animal companions as well.

I'll have to think of the rest later.

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1. I'm willing to give up chores, such as dishes, vacuuming, dusting, to you.

2. I will laugh when you fart instead of squealing "Ew, gross!" and hitting you with my purse.

3. I stay on my side of the bed (unless we're meeting in the middle), and never hog the blankets.

4. I'm really clumsy, so I'll almost always be amusing to you.

5. I've disowned most of my family, so you won't have to deal with uncomfortable family situations.

6. I won't spend any of your money.

7. I don't really care about most holidays, or my birthday, so you'll never have to get me presents, or even remember them. In a similar vein, I won't remember our anniversary, especially those dumb ones that girls do, like "We've been together three weeks!" or "It's been 4 months to the day since you tied my shoe for me that one day at Target" so you're welcome to forget.

8. I'll give you a free fur coat every time you come over. (Just sit on the furniture.)

9. I usually have some kind of soy ice cream in the freezer. Or four.

10. High libido.

11. I hate shopping in stores. I despise clothes shopping, period. You won't have to go for hours-and-hours long outings to the mall with me so you can hold my bags and purse.

12. You tell me where to go, and though I might leave to find it, I'll never let your head hit the bed without my hand behind it. (Tell me that ain't smooth.)

13. I'm too lazy to ever even get the desire to cheat.

14. I have too bad of a memory to even attempt to lie.








...I'll add to these as I think of them. Apparently I can't offer much right off the top of my head.

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- caring, loving

- love cooking and make you a meal like every day (except if I have an exam the next day)

- I gonna clean up after you since I hate dirty apartments

- I love pets and would not say anything bad about your "best friend"

- I do think about birthday/christmas/<holiday> presents and only give you something that you would appreciate

- I would tell you every now and then how awesome you are

- honest (I do not keep any secrets from you)

- I cheer you up everytime you feel sad

- I don't drink, smoke or take drugs

- I share my vegan food with you (also my so beloved bean burritos and chocolate/peanut butter ice cream)

- I do your laundry (it just takes too long for me to get enough of my own laundry together, so I would have to wait forever until I can wear my fav shirts and pair of jeans again)

- I love spending time outside (skiing, running, or just lying on the grass looking into the sky)

- I am a good listener

- I do spend as much time with you as you want

- I would never steal your booze

- I would never talk bad about your friends even if I thought that they were morons

- you hardly ever have to see my family since they live far away

- I like paying for my own stuff (e.g. at the movie theatre, restaurant, etc.)

- I would take care of you if you were sick


- I gonna start talking about how bad eating <insert non-vegan crap here> is whenever I see you indulging in it

- sometimes I am extremely lazy

- I expect you to do your best (university/job) because I am a perfectionist and I hate seeing you not reaching your whole potential

- I would get really upset if we went to a restaurant with mainly vegetarian/vegan options and you would order meat (I probably won't talk to you for the rest of the day)

- you gonna freeze every night because I love stealing your blanket

to be continued...

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Thalia, this is a great idea for a thread.

1. Honesty.

2. Independence. I like to be with you, but I don't shrivel up and die if we have plans that don't include each other.

3. Frugality. Expensive dates and presents do not impress me. Show me where your priorities are by spending time with me and giving your extra money to the poor/charities.

4. Inquisitiveness. Like a friend recently told me, "Skylark, you're such a reporter. You keep asking me questions!" It's natural for me to be curious and care about what's going on with you.

5. Going with #4, I'm usually pretty direct and forthright. I tell you straight and try to keep the guessing out of it.

6. (Stealing this one from Jess) I will laugh when you fart instead of squealing "Ew, gross!" and hitting you with my purse.

7. I give new ideas a chance. If it sounds like bull to me, I'll say so, and that's an invitation for a lively discussion.

8. I'm easy going about things that really don't matter. If we decide on a whim to eat in instead of eating at my favorite restaurant, that's fine.

9. All the trivia you could want. I have a wealth of relatively useless information. Unless we're talking sports, and then you're talking to a blank wall.

10. Lower social inhibitions than some people. In other words, don't dare me to do something, because I definitely will unless it's physically dangerous.

11. I'm someone who can walk into a room full of people I don't know, have you introduce me to all of your friends, and I will have a great time. Sure, I tend to have more fun with people I do know, but I don't let that keep me down.

12. I like animals, children and babies, but I don't go nuts over them. I can take them or leave them, depending on the situation.

13. I like senior citizens. If it's important in your family that Grandpa and Grandma get along well with your SO, never fear.

14. Long, straight brown hair.

15. A full figure.

16. No fear of sweating.

17. Physical affection.

18. I hate malls and department stores. I'm perfectly fine with thrift store shopping and garage saling alone, but if you choose to come along, you're welcome to do so.

19. An appreciation for all body shapes and sizes. It matters little exactly what you look like. If you treat me well, I will see you as sexy.

20. Since you obviously must be a wonderful person if I'm in a relationship with you, my family will welcome you. They're not overbearing, but they're always willing to have me and my friends over.

21. I know what it's like to live on my own. I'm not a spoiled rotten princess who has never paid a bill or cleaned the bathroom.

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1- I'm hot and modest.

2- I love life and being around me is both fun and relaxing.

3- I will make sure you know exactly how much I care about you.

4- I love food and make sure we are eating well, either at home or at a restaurant.

5- I keep a clean house, but I'm not obsessive about it.

6- I love to dance, either for an audience or just for you.

7- I will encourage you to do what you love

8- I will encourage you to work hard and be proud of your accomplishments.

9- I will let you be a gentleman and open doors for me, or pay for dinner, but I am fully capable of doing those things myself.

10- I will let you protect me when we're watching a scary movie.

11- I don't like PDA's but when it's you and me, I'll be all over you.

12- I love to debate, not argue.

13- I practise yoga and dance, so I am very bendy.

14- I give fantastic massages.

15- I am a great listener

16- Just being with you will make me happy, we don't have to be doing anything special.

17- I am adventurous and I will try (just about) anything once.

18- You will catch me gazing adoringly at you every once in awhile

19- I will give you your alone time as long as you give me mine.

20- I am always open to constructive critisicsm.

21- I am really good in bed.

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1. Big boobs!

2. Gives massages.

3. Writer, so you'll be immortalized.

4. Always up for fun.

5. Always up for booze.

6. Brave.

7. Compassionate to the point of silliness.

8. Silly.

9. Loving.

10. Bad at math.

21. Like to bake cakes, bread and cookies.

I'm also married, so this is purely a thought exercise.

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1. I am honest.

2. I will give of myself to you almost endlessly with no thought of recompensation if you treat me right.

3. I'm a romantic soul.

4. I not only love to cook, but do so fairly well. Always up to try a new recipe. So long as you like to eat vegan, you will never be hungry.

5. I love to discuss things. From big things down to whatever little tiny silly thing might occur to either of us.

6. I love to laugh, and I love to make you laugh.

7. I'm emotionally intact and not afraid to show my emotional side.

8. I'm trained as a barber, I can give you a haircut anytime you want one. (And that includes a shampoo- which is worth it by itself

9. I give good back and foot rubs.

10. I clean, do laundry and other domestic things on my own without being told.

11. I like to be healthy and I take care of myself so that I can always be at my best both inside and out for you.

12. I am interested in knowing you deeply, and being your friend in addition to being your lover.

13. If we argue, I will always want to resolve the problem. I never want to go to bed angry.

14. I respect your space and will give it to you any time you need it. All I ask in return is the same.

15. I am passionate and giving in intimate situations.

16. I will never embarrass you in social situations and want to get to know your friends.

17. I am a good dancer and will dance with you anytime and anyplace.

18. I am compassionate and caring, towards adults, children and animals.

19. I love music and will gladly share with you the soundtrack of my life.

20. I strive to grow, learn and better myself.

21. I don't snore.

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Garage saling = Going to garage sales.
I usually spell it "saleing," but since it's a made up word anyway...

Originally Posted by Jessica View Post

hahahaa while compiling mine I thought "Well, I do have a nice rack.."
Hey, if you got it, flaunt it!
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