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This is a very easy to prepare, simple meal that is perfect for breaking the "vegetarian salad slump." It is a lacto ovo vegetarian dish, to make it vegan you should substitute the Green Giant Tuscan Seasoned Broccoli for a steamer bag of Green Giant Broccoli, then season it to taste. You can use Soy Sauce or perhaps a dry seasoning blend like Italian Seasoning or Tuscan Seasoning if such a creature exists.

NOTE: This is a recipe that depends on products. However, these are products I found and bought at my local WinCo, so they should be easy to get.

1 package Green Giant Tuscan Seasoned Broccoli
1/2- 1 package Gardein Homestyle Beefless Tips
1-2 Tablespoons high heat oil (like Rice Bran or Safflower - avoid Canola if you can)

Throw the broccoli into the microwave on a plate and cook as instructed. For my microwave it was 6 minutes on High. I tried standing the bag up but it flopped down. Made no difference as far as I could tell. At 6 minutes I got slightly crunchy broccoli. If you want more crunch, cook it less. If you want less crunch, cook it more.

In a large skillet drop in 1-2 tablespoons of oil and turn the burner on Medium-High. The instructions for the beefless tips say High, but that is too scary for me. If you want to risk it go ahead.

Saute 10-12 or so of the Beefless Tips as instructed. Be aware that the more oil you use, the more taste of the oil will transfer to the tips. I used Medium-High heat and just moved them around, carefully, on the skillet like I would a stir fry. I cooked mine for 3 minutes or so.

When the juices in the pan have started to turn dark brown, and your beefless tips have been scorched on all sides, take the skillet off the burner and transfer to a work area, being sure to place a pad of some sort underneath because the skillet will be hot.

You can leave the tips as they are or rotate them around a little more to make sure they are evenly cooked on all sides. The Microwave will beep, and when it does, CAREFULLY tear open the bag of broccoli and dump it into your skillet. If you timed this right, everything will sizzle for another minute or so. While it does go stir-fry on its arse, carefully mixing the tips and broccoli together. It will loosen up the brown in your pan and transfer the flavor of both items to each other.

When it stops sizzling pick up a smaller broccoli bunch and taste it. Hopefully it is just soft enough, a little crunchy, not too hard. If you want it softer you will have to put in back on the burner on Medium-High heat, adding maybe a tablespoon of water, and cooking until the water evaporates. I do not know the effect this will have on the beefless tips.

If you are happy with how cooked the broccoli is sit down and enjoy! Be sure to smell it first, and try just sitting with your food, no TV, no music, just enjoying each bite, giving it your full attention. This is a mindfullness practice you can enjoy each day, a sort of meditation. It will allow you to slow down, savor your food, and just relax.
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