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  1. General Food Discussions
    Vegan Birthday Cake Cookies I made this week for my bday :) my recipe: :)
  2. General Food Discussions
    Hey! I just made a quick video sharing one of my small grocery hauls this week, check it out :)
  3. Energy Foods (Bars, Smoothies)
    Hey! I just made a quick video sharing one of my go-to recipes on training days. It gives me tons of energy, it's easy, and alkaline. Check it out! :)
  4. Physical Fitness
    Hey friends :) I created a new video sharing my 7 tips on how to become a vegan athlete or start your fitness journey, from my experience as a competitive athlete for the past 20+ years. - I hope you find it useful! XO
  5. General Health Discussion
    Hey guys! I created a new video sharing a list of quality vegan sources of calcium, the RDA, and tips for best absorption: (quick 3 min video) What's your favorite/go-to sources of vegan calcium?! :)
  6. Energy Foods (Bars, Smoothies)
    Hey guys! I've been a competitive athlete for over 20 years, and I've always avoided sports drinks like Gatorade because they are junk imo! So, I make my own electrolyte recovery juice, here's my recipe: :)
  7. General Food Discussions
    I recently found 6 vegan chocolate bars, so I did a taste test and review :) Check it out and let me know if you've tried any of these and if you agree with my review/reactions! And if you know of any other vegan chocolate bars, please let me know! I'd love to try'em! :)
  8. Breakfast
    Need a super quick breakfast plan of action? Try this easy vegan breakfast board! You can assemble it in about 15 minutes or less. Watch the video>
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! I just started a youtube channel trying out all these Vegan/Vegetarian Pinterest recipes that claim to be easy/ I'm no way near a chef...really wanted to put them to the test. My worry is that because its vegan/vegetarian, I wouldn't have enough subscribers/successful...
  10. Vegan Support Forum
    Hello. I am a vegan filmmaker. My website is filmworks7 (dot com) We are making a fun short video tasting/reviewing vegan wine and sharing vegan stories. Looking for 1-2 vegan actors or camera friendly vegan non-actors in the extended SF California Bay area who enjoy vegan wine! Not a paid gig...
  11. Environmental Issues
    Hi, When I try to talk to "progressives" or anyone who says they care about the environment, I eventually run into those folks who say, "well, humans are the ultimate problem. If there weren't that many humans on the planet then we wouldn't have all the problems that we do." So, I made a short...
  12. Recipes
    Hi everyone, here's my recipe on how to make nice cream without Bananas! Hope you like it :) Best Jenny
  13. Recipes
    Hi everyone, check out my super easy recipe for a healthy seaweed pancake:)
  14. General Health Discussion
    Hi everyone, I made a short video about how I got my health back! best Jenny:)
  15. Recipes
    If I haven't got much time, I usually just throw something like this together! Best Jenny
  16. Recipes
    Do you like mixing sweet and salty, then this is definitely for you! Have a look!!! :)
  17. General Food Discussions
    Hi guys, I've made a video of how I make my smoothies healthier, but I would love some more input from you guys if possible! :) Best Jenny
  18. Recipes
    Check out my recipe for tofu summer rolls! Hope you like it!
  19. General Food Discussions
    Hi guys, last year I made a short video on how to make soy milk! Have a look and hope you like it! Best Jenny
1-19 of 28 Results