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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, My name is Ann, Im from Belgium and currently master student sociology. I've been vegetarian for 3 years, and practically a vegan for 8. Why practically? Well because I have pet chickens, and once every 2-4 months I may eat one of their eggs. So very very rarely. Also this is my...
  2. Vegan Support Forum
  3. Vegetarian Support Forum
    I'm a baby Vegetarian (37 days) and I'm finding that as I'm getting integrated into the veg*n community, I keep wanting to refer to you guys as something, but I want to make sure I don't offend anyone. I feel like calling someone "veggie" sort of belittles their decision to go veg*n -- it is a...
  4. Vegan Support Forum
    So, I posted a recipe here for cheese crackers, in the vegetarian recipes section. Then 4everaspirit (who I hope is okay with me calling her out) posted this comment, "I thought you were vegan? o.O Wouldn't it be weird to be advocating something with cheese, even though you mention it can be...
  5. Vegetarian Support Forum
    I didn't even realize the last thread went past 5,000 posts. Wow, that seemed to go fast. Continue the discussion here!
  6. Transitioning to Vegetarian
    and how others look at vegetarians. I totally despise how the Vegetarian community tries to 'fake' the Omnivore's lifestyle! Soy and other additives that simply mimic the read deal, pisses me off! Vegetarians don't eat a burger, so WHY do some of us TRY so hard to mimic a burger using gawd...
  7. Transitioning to Vegetarian
    **Check pages 2 and 3 for more links BASIC VEG*N LINKS A list of dietary definitions. Veg*n societies/resource websites.
1-8 of 9 Results