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  1. Vegan Support Forum
    Hi everyone, I've been searching the internet for info on joint health for vegans and I've seen a lot of blogs/health supplement sites list green lipped mussel extract products as vegetarian and vegan... How is this possible?! I can't find any discussions or blogs on why this is considered...
  2. Vegan Support Forum
    Hey all. Please help my kick starter campaign for vegan to-go coffee creamers! You don't actually pay anything unless it gets 100% funded. I appreciate all help! Spread word, tell your friends, tell your mom. Thanks :)
  3. Product Reviews
    Hello! I'm fairly new to this lifestyle change and would like some insight on cooking. Rice has never been something I've made for myself and I have been looking up different Rice Cookers and Steamers. I was wondering if anyone had an suggestions on what the best products are out there. I'm...
  4. Vegan Support Forum
    I have been vegetarian for 18 years and had a strict vegan diet for 14 years. I am considering adding organic eggs back to my diet. I no longer consider animal products food and am grossed out by the idea of it. But I am starting to have health issues. My daily diet consists of veggies...
  5. Diets & Losing Weight
    this is a topic that i feel is pretty intense in our culture. many people associate "health" with "good looks." healthy means "thin." but i really don't think this is necessarily the case at all. aside from the health angle, when it comes to being vegan, how much does how i look really matter...
1-5 of 5 Results