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  1. General Food Discussions
    Hello!! So you know those 16 oz boxes of tofu?? There was a huge sale at my local market and so I impulsively bought some, but I'm living in a dorm with no access to a stovetop or oven, only a microwave. Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to incorporate the tofu into my meals?? Any...
  2. Main Dishes
    I found this recipe but I have to share it because it really is the best I've found. I have followed recipes for baked or pan fried tofu, and just ended up annoyed with a mediocre dish that didn't turn out as I had hoped. I mostly just stuck to stir frying plain tofu with vegetables, or...
  3. Recipes
    Check out my recipe for tofu summer rolls! Hope you like it!
  4. General Food Discussions
    Hi guys, I just made a video where I share my favourite food items and how I implement them in my cooking. Have a look if you find it interesting! :)
  5. Vegan Support Forum
    So I cut up some thanh son deep fried tofu into strips, having never worked with it before... and I just toasted it in an empty pan on medium heat till each strip was brown on both sides. I thought in my head "that kinda looks like french toast" then I tried it (Again, never eaten deep fried...
  6. General Food Discussions
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I followed a really good soy milk/tofu recipe on YouTube and the first time it came out perfect. Since then I am having problems making soy milk and the soy milk won´t coagulate at all. I have been using a lime/water combo as the coagulant and I´ve...
  7. Main Dishes
    I really like roasting vegetables in the winter, but I'm running out of cold Sunday afternoons. (Not that I'm complaining about the melting snow right now.) I found a really good set of instructions on roasting different vegetables and it made a huge difference in the richness of the flavours...
  8. General Food Discussions
    Hey so I have a bunch of eggplants and a lot of tofu and I don't really know how to cook them. I mean I always prepare my tofu scramble and I've cooked my eggplants in the oven or just fry them but I don't know... I need something new. I've consider the eggplant lasagna but I don't eat chesse...
  9. Desserts - Other
    Simply blend a package of silken tofu with 1-2 tablespoons of coco powder and sweeten to taste with stevia. Takes only a couple of minutes, is protein packed and kids love it! I've taken this to potlucks and don't tell anyone it's tofu until they eat it all up. Delicious!
  10. Transitioning to Vegetarian
    Hi all, just started eating as a vegan today after watching some very inspiring videos. I won't be having much trouble thinking of exciting things to cook as i'm an ex chef and have always loved veggies anyway. Anyway never tried tofu or cooked it, brought some branded tofu by Cauldron, by...
  11. Main Dishes
    I just made my own crispy tofu and it was so damn good I wanted to share what I did. Ingredients Extra firm tofu (as much as you want, cut into triangles) Panko Breadcrumbs 2 Tbsp cornstarch 1/2 Tsp garlic powder 1/2 Tsp onion powder 1/2 Tsp salt 1/2 Tsp pepper 2 Tsp egg substitute 4 Tbsp water...
1-12 of 13 Results