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  1. Raw Foods
    If you want to start your day without a heavy breakfast, this is the smoothie for you. With only a few ingredients you can make this delicious organic kiwi smoothie in minutes. Ingredients 2 kiwifruits 1 banana 2 cups fresh baby spinach ¼ avocado 1/2 cup of your best water or coconut water
  2. Beverages & Smoothies
    Easy Smoothie Recipes for Vegans with Kale, Blueberries and Bananas. You need 5 bananas and full hand of kale and 1-2 cups of blueberries. Mix this all together in a blender with water and enjoy smiling smiley Video on Youtube: Rawnaturallife
  3. Beverages & Smoothies
    Purple kale, strawberry & coconut green smoothie! In a blender - Vitamix or high speed 1 head purple kale - stems and all 1 pint of fresh strawberries 4 small frozen bananas 1/2 cup dried coconut 1 T coconut butter (oil) Optional - 1 T Maca powder 1 quart (32 oz) filtered water Blend for...
  4. General Food Discussions
    Hi guys, I've made a video of how I make my smoothies healthier, but I would love some more input from you guys if possible! :) Best Jenny
  5. Beverages & Smoothies
    A delicious smoothie made from almond milk, bananas, organic peanut butter and strawberries! :)
  6. Beverages & Smoothies
    15-30 dates, soaked 3 cups of water 1 cup Vanilla Almond mylk dash of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice 1-2 Bananas frozen, optional "Pit" your dates, otherwise known as de-seeding them. Soak dates in 2 cups of water for 20 minutes or longer. I find that dates that have been soaking for...
1-6 of 10 Results