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  1. Physical Fitness
    I am looking for good vegan training shoes to buy. I want something that can work for weight lifting as well as things like box jumps and burpees. Anyone know of vegan options from mainstream brands? If not completely vegan, then at least leather free.
  2. Vegan Support Forum
    I've just bought these days a gorgeous light brown pair of suede boots, synthetic of course,but still I can't wear them until I use something as a waterproofer on their so sensible surface, unless I want to only wear them a week until the first rain and mud drops to unmercifully destroy them...
  3. Product Reviews
    Has anyone here ordered from Vegetarian Shoes?? I really want to purchase these sandals from them but I don't know what size to order. I live in the US & they are located in the UK and will not provide free return...
  4. Australia / New Zealand
    Hi Guys, This one is primarily for Kiwis, but happy to hear other opinions as well. I would like to know if others are interested in being able to purchase leather-free casual and dress shoes online. If yes, any ideas of what you would like to see?
  5. Vegan Support Forum
    I've been doing a lot of digging around to find hiking shoes listed as vegan and even many of those listed as vegan friendly are sometimes made out of glue made from animals. REI has one of the best sites I found for isolating my search for vegan friendly, so I went there as a starting point. I...
1-5 of 7 Results