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  1. Massachusetts
    Hi I am looking to rent out a very large bedroom in our 3 bedroom house. The house is in Framingham. There are two humans (my husband and I) and one dog (30 pounds and very cuddly) who currently live there. The house has two full bathrooms (one up and one downstairs) so there is potential for...
  2. Australia / New Zealand
    Hi vege folks I am looking for an accommodation for friendly vege households, preferably easy access to public transport or near city. Please contact me/share if you know anybody who has a spare furnished room. Thank you. Alex
  3. Vegan Support Forum
    If anybody wants to visit NYC we have a room in a vegan household that serves as a holistic community center! Check out our Air B n B: Furthermore if you need some part time work we got that too. Email me: [email protected] ::kiss::
1-3 of 4 Results