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  1. Product Reviews
    Hello, I've been vegan for a couple of months and I'd like to date other vegans and vegetarians. Does anyone know of any app or dating site to meet like minded-people besides Facebook groups? So far I've visited those sites but they seem to be all down and really old: Vegan Passions Veggie...
  2. Vegan Support Forum
    Hi all. So, let me just jump right into this topic! I'm quite young (19) so I know at this age I shouldn't be freaking out about not having a spouse and I'm not. But my problem is that as the person I am with morals being so important to me, it really limits who I could ever date. I'm a...
  3. Relationships and Family
    I need some help! I have announced to a couple of people (mainly parents) that I would like a vegetarian wedding (I would prefer vegan but that isn't going to happen). We are making to food (buffet style) because we can't afford catering, however we have been getting some push back because of...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Would you kiss your partner (spouse/bf/gf) if they use a lipstick or chap stick that contains animal by products? What about if the partner uses the lotion containing animal by products?
  5. Relationships and Family
    Hey there's some things I want to get out of my head, share it and read what you guys think. - One of this days I was with some friends hanging out outside. We were looking for a place to sit down and eat. When we found it there was a bunch of ants in the floor, I stare at them in awe (don't...
  6. Relationships and Family
    Dose the passion to save lives hinder your love for a soul who cares nothing?
1-6 of 6 Results