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  1. Raw Food Support Forum
    Hello everyone! I am doing a research paper on the raw food lifestyle as a form of alternative medicine for my health and culture class. I wanted to get some feedback from you all! Here are some basic and purposefully vague questions I hope you all could answer for me. Please be as descriptive...
  2. Vegan Support Forum
    Hi everyone! We made a recipe video on how to make raw vegan chocolate truffles. Video is here: Enjoy making these, they taste amazing! Peace & Love Greg
  3. Soups
    Ingredients: 4 cups chopped cucumber 2 cups water 1 cup chopped celery 1/4 cup lemon juice 1/2 avocado tomatoes, diced (to decorate) fresh herbs sea salt, black pepper Instructions: Process cucumbers, water, celery, lemon juice. sea salt, herbs in a blender until smooth. Add avocado...
  4. Raw Foods
    Ever since I became vegan my goal was to be raw vegan. I have been a vegan for a year... since the beginning of September and yet have no success in becoming a fully raw vegan. I've done a few days where I was raw till 4 but that never stuck. Now, most of what I eat is raw because I'm just...
  5. Recipes
    This is the best and simplest fudge I've ever tried! It just melts in your mouth! Let me know if you've tried anything similar and please share that recipe with me! :))
  6. Breakfast
    I was never crazy about oatmeal until until I started eating it raw. Technically rolled oats are not completely raw because they are steamed during the rolling process. Anyway, I just love "raw" oats with plant milk and a mix of fruit, nuts and/or seeds for breakfast. Is it just me? ;)
  7. Recipes
    Here's a video I made for one of my favourite tasty treats! Hope you'll try it and like it:)
  8. Desserts - Other
    Hi Everyone, Just in time for Saint Patrick's day, these tarts are a minty chocolatey medley like no other. My hubby even liked these guys and he really doesn't like mint chocolate. Here they are: Please let me...
  9. Raw Foods
    Okay, so I have a sweet tooth...and I do love dates, btw, however , I had a guest for lunch yesterday and used the rest of them for the dessert...So, I see all these cookie dough recipes using cooked chick peas. I wanted to try using raw soaked chickpeas. While they have a very green flavor by...
  10. Raw Food Support Forum
    Is it safe to eat raw split peas? Any toxins or anything harmful? I'd like to minimise the nutrient loss from cooking by eating raw
1-10 of 11 Results