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  1. Salads
    Heyas there, Today I want to share my healthiest salad: The Currynoa Salad It's has a lot of benefits: 1. It's a complete protein So we all know how hard it is to get a complete protein in one mail. Well this salad is a complete protein: It's 380 calories, and has 30% of your daily protein...
  2. Main Dishes
    These quinoa and kale cakes are a little taste of heaven. The quinoa gives these cakes a wonderful texture and the flavours are fantastic. These make a wonderful lunch dish when served with salad or can be served with steamed vegetables for a more substantial meal. However you choose to...
  3. Vegetarian Support Forum
    Hi, Rice is contaminated with arsenic according to this comprehensive study: The FDA basically says that it's not an immediate risk which is anything but assuring, since from consuming rice and getting all the...
1-3 of 4 Results