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  1. Animal Rights and Welfare
    Held signs and gave out coloring books! Activists are the reason ringling bros is phasing out the elephants in 2018. ME
  2. Activist Discussion
    Hey, there, wanted to share this footage with you all - despite its low production values! It was a mini-protest: just another person and me. But we had a lot of fun. :) Being a two-person show, I thought for sure Chick fil-a would just ignore us. But their uptight manager came out right...
  3. Animal Rights and Welfare
    Hi! I am going to have a mini-protest in honor of the opening of a new meat-centric fast food joint near me (I would be more specific, but will err on the side of anonymity). I will have a sign, but not, say, a blown-up photo of chicken carcasses; I have found while protesting other stuff that...
1-3 of 3 Results