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  1. General Health Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm new to VB. I was a vegetarian for three years during high school (I'm 30 now, so that was a whiiiile ago). For really stupid reasons, I stopped being a vegetarian when I was about 18. I decided to go back to this lifestyle and have been for the past 2+ weeks. I also plan to...
  2. Vegan Support Forum
    So my fiance is not vegan and I am. As a non vegan traditional dinner options are a protein (some meat) and a veggie and when I am short on time I would love to still be able to do this. However, as a vegan, I find it hard to come up with ideas for a main protein that isn't part of a bigger...
  3. Diets & Losing Weight
    Anyone that is on Instagram and follows other fellow vegans has probably seen the meme where it says broccoli has more protein than beef right? Although there are definite misconceptions outside of our vegan community saying we can't get enough protein, which is of course not true, there are...
  4. New Member Introductions
    HI EVERYONE!:) I've just launched my 100% vegan superfood protein on Kickstarter. I'd be keen to get opinions from people in the vegan community on the product and your thoughts on vegan protein supplements as a whole. The Kickstarter name is: Superfood Protein: The World's Healthiest Protein...
  5. Vegan Support Forum
    I have been transitioning to become vegan for about a year and am ready to take the final step and go fully vegan. My only concern is that I am trying to get pregnant, and I worry that when I do become pregnant, it will be difficult to get the proper nutrition I need. I've looked at a bunch of...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello hello! Before you think "what a stuck up snob", remember that you're super awesome too :) We're all super awesome, and we don't need to apologize for that! I've been a vegetarian for 2 years, vegan for 1. My biggest influence was my girlfriend - who's on this journey for over 10 years...
  7. New Member Introductions
    I've been trying to eat vegetarian for years but struggle with the protein issue. What do you think about eating insects? I was looking at cricket powder, which is full of protein and iron (mine is always low) and lots of other vitamins. It can be added to other foods. Opinions?
  8. General Food Discussions
    I'm practically addicted to my soy protein isolate, but I'm considering adding more raw foods to my diet, and the best supplement I've found for it looks to be white hemp protein isolate. I know it's not 100% natural, but it seems to be a purer protein than soy. The issue is that there's just...
  9. Vegetarian Support Forum
    Hi. I´m working for some few years with organic agriculture and food forest. I wonder if a diet based on fruits, vegetables, roots, nuts and milk would be healthy. Some roots as sweet potato and manioc (carbohydrate sources) for example are highly yealding in small areas. In comparison, grain...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hello!! I am Sudatta from India!! I have recently joined this club! Help me out in understanding how it works!!:)
  11. Women's Health Issues
    So my mother had gone through various medicines that had increased her levels of hormones. She has been a vegetarian for a long time and I'd like to help her find foods that she can eat which can improve her iron and protein intake. Thank you~
  12. Transitioning to Vegan
    I'm allergic to all nuts and seeds, I've recently transitioned to Vegan and I train in the gym 5/7 days. Where can I get a decent amount of protein for my diet and lifestyle? :)
  13. Vegan Support Forum
    How do i build muscle on vegan diet? Any recommendations?
  14. Transitioning to Vegetarian
    Hey everyone! :D I've recently been interested in becoming a vegetarian, so I'm just getting all my facts straight before I jump in. :) However, a lot (the majority) of recipes I've come across have cheese in :crying: but I dont like cheese :crying: Are there many alternatives to cheese? or...
  15. Transitioning to Vegetarian
    I've actually been drinking almond milk for a while because it tastes better than dairy milk. Almost always Vanilla. My friend says nuts are a good source of protein. Is this true? I'm concerned with essentials over gluttony. I hear berries are good for deppression. I just read in another thread...
  16. Vegan Support Forum
    Ok, I know what you’re thinking. This question has probably been asked and answered too many times in the vegan community. However, this question won’t have the ordinary answer (to get protein eat tofu, tempeh, seitan, soy protein, soybeans, nuts, peanuts, peas, legumes, etc). For about seven...
  17. Flatout Multigrain with Flax

    <p><img src="js/plugins/emoticons/img/smiley-laughing.gif" alt="" />  THIS IS MY JAM!!  No other wrap will do.  Lemme break it down for ya....  8g of fiber!  9g of protein!  The grain blend contains:  cut
  18. Main Dishes
    I'm trying to be more deliberate about essential amino acids. This was an attempt in that direction: The article that I found about it has a ton of information about lysine, which apparently vegans sometimes are deficient in...
  19. Vegan Support Forum
    Hi! I talk about what I found out so far in my newest video. I have been making porridge with 2 bananas for breakfast for quite sometime now. It works well as a post workout meal also. Any other idea for me as I want to build muscle? Best
1-19 of 31 Results