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  1. Recipes
    Buddha bowls are like the sandwich of vegetarian food - except you don't need bread! Literally, they can be made of just about anything, and oftentimes made up on the go. And chances are, you already have your favorite go-to Buddha bowl. But for the sake of variety, here are three of mine. 1...
  2. Soups
    Just wanted to share my latest recipe - split pea soup! Tbh, split pea soup was never on my "cravings list", but when I found out how high in protein it is, I was sold. Plus, it was super-easy to make, and the end result is super-tasty! I hope you enjoy...
  3. Breads
    Just wanted to share my recipe for socca - a super delicious flatbread from southern France. It's vegan, high protein, and really easy to make!
1-3 of 3 Results