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  1. Simple Truth Organic Roasted Vegetable Pizza

    <p>When I have absolutely nothing to cook, nothing prepared in advance, or just haven't had the TIME to cook from scratch, this has been my savior on more than a few occasions this past year.  (Yes, this little guy is part of the 1%.)  It's got a little more sodium than I'd l
  2. The Loch Ness Parmesan!! It DOES exist!! :o

    <p>"Yes, Virginia.  There IS a vegetarian parmesan."  <img src="js/plugins/emoticons/img/smiley-wink.gif" alt="" /> -- Ingredients: Organic pasteurized part-skim cow's milk, salt, VEGETARIAN ENZYMES.  --  Organic Valley al
  3. General Food Discussions
    Hello Veggies! So I'm a vegetarian going on vegan (veggie for 11 months) and I was wondering if it matters or not if I get organic food or does it not matter? what's the difference between them? xox Kaitlyn
  4. Vegetarian & Vegan Recipe Blogs
    Gluten Free Vegan Pantry - A food blog focused on gluten free vegan cooking & baking Hi Everyone, I recently started a food blog focused on gluten free vegan cooking. I decided to start this blog to share some the delicious foods I've discovered during my transition to plant-based eating The...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Pupaeganda represents the propaganda directed against insects by the pesticide industry. These tools were marketed highly throughout the 40s and 50s, indoctrinating a generation into unchallenged acceptance. Since then, synthetic pesticides have killed millions of innocent insects while...
1-5 of 10 Results