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  1. Vegan Support Forum
    Hello friends! I've been doing great going vegan all by myself and I'm proud! Not many teenagers can do it and I use to always mess up but i've been meal planning so I stay on track :D Anyway I've been eating the quacker dino egg instant oatmeal (cooked with water) for breakfast on lazy days and...
  2. Desserts - Cookies
    I just created this great recipe with ripe bananas, dark chocolate chips, applesauce, oats, almond milk, vanilla, and a dash of cinnamon. Sounds easy and delicious right? Here's the link to complete instruction:)
  3. Breakfast
    Hey guys, I am new to this blog but I have been vegan for quite some time now. I also have a youtube channel were I share recipes and stuff and would really appreciate it if you could go and share some support::kiss::
  4. Breakfast
    I was never crazy about oatmeal until until I started eating it raw. Technically rolled oats are not completely raw because they are steamed during the rolling process. Anyway, I just love "raw" oats with plant milk and a mix of fruit, nuts and/or seeds for breakfast. Is it just me? ;)
  5. Breakfast
    Talking about breakfast pancakes are something my family loves to eat. Here is a whole grain pancake (egg less) recipe. I have added milk to the batter, but if making it vegan use any non dairy milk and it should work great. The recipe is here -...
1-5 of 5 Results