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  1. Vegetarian Support Forum
    I heard that almonds and nuts should not be eaten raw. What is the truth? I rely on them for my vegan diet and want to make sure I am getting the most out of them nutritionally.:huh:
  2. Vegetarian Support Forum
    Hi. I´m working for some few years with organic agriculture and food forest. I wonder if a diet based on fruits, vegetables, roots, nuts and milk would be healthy. Some roots as sweet potato and manioc (carbohydrate sources) for example are highly yealding in small areas. In comparison, grain...
  3. Main Dishes
    Nut Loaf - Roasted Enjoy this delicious roasted nut loaf. If you love having a nice roast dinner once in a while, why not try this nut loaf for a change. This nut loaf is packed full of healthy ingredients that is sure to fill up your guests or family. Serve your nut loaf with roast potatoes and...
  4. Transitioning to Vegetarian
    Hi Everyone, I just finished putting together an article on the nuts and seeds I have in my pantry. The article describes what they are, with pictures, and their nutritional value and benefits. I think this is a must read for anyone who is transitioning into a vegetarian or vegan diet. Here...
1-4 of 4 Results