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  1. General Health Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm new to VB. I was a vegetarian for three years during high school (I'm 30 now, so that was a whiiiile ago). For really stupid reasons, I stopped being a vegetarian when I was about 18. I decided to go back to this lifestyle and have been for the past 2+ weeks. I also plan to...
  2. General Health Discussion
    Awhile back my doctor had me start taking iron supplements, because I was slightly anemic. Blood test show that I am no longer anemic, but my doctor still wants me to take the iron supplements for now. The Problem: Iron supplements that are certified vegan are very low mg (around 30mg) compared...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I've been trying to eat vegetarian for years but struggle with the protein issue. What do you think about eating insects? I was looking at cricket powder, which is full of protein and iron (mine is always low) and lots of other vitamins. It can be added to other foods. Opinions?
  4. Vegan Support Forum
    Hello people! I was vegetarian+fish for 1 year and a vegan afterwards for 4 months and going. Before vegetarian I was eating lots of meat plus other crappy stuff a lot (20 years). Now, I did blood and biochemical tests, and everything was ok. But my Hematocrit (HCT) level (50.5 %) is on...
  5. Women's Health Issues
    So my mother had gone through various medicines that had increased her levels of hormones. She has been a vegetarian for a long time and I'd like to help her find foods that she can eat which can improve her iron and protein intake. Thank you~
  6. Transitioning to Vegetarian
    I went vegetarian a couple years ago for about a month and had no mental or physical energy. I went vegetarian again and the very first day I saw it happening again.. I took b12, b complex, ate cheese to see if it was the cholesterol..nothing fixed it. Could it be the Iron? I'm confused that if...
  7. Vegan Support Forum
    I'm new to the forums so I apologise if this has already been posted. So I've been vegetarian for about a year now, and I've been anemic several times. I sort of know what to eat for iron. Lentils, dark leafy greens, etc. The only thing is, at least for me, is that I get most of my iron from...
  8. General Food Discussions
    I've been a vegetarian for one and a half year but my doctors are concerned about my ferritin levels (iron). I'm a blood donor which requires a lot of iron in my blood but since I don't eat meat, the ferritin levels are falling which is also making me anemic. This will result in that I won't...
1-8 of 8 Results