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    Hello! So I'm very confused about Honey. I read that it is vegan then another article that it isn't and I am very confused. I don't see why Honey is not vegan as I don't really count insects as animals and they don't get killed to make it but I just want your thoughts on it! :D
  2. Vegan Support Forum
    Last night while reading up on agave I came across an older forum on this site about why vegans should eat honey and not agave. I can't link to because I'm a new member and this is my first post, sorry. It cited tumblr as the source and I laughed. It prompted me to register here because there...
  3. Vegan Support Forum
    Hello! So I've only been vegan for like 2 weeks but and I was eating a vegan chewy apple bar thingy and it had honey it. And I was wondering if it's okay for vegans to have honey because I don't see anything wrong with it but what does everyone else think?
  4. Transitioning to Vegan
    This post I stumbled upon is a year old (so I apologize if this has already been covered), but I was wondering what everyone's take on this is. "Why vegans should use honey instead of agave nectar Okay, so I might get a lot of hate for this, I might not. I don’t particularly care either way...
  5. Vegan Support Forum
    Love to hear your thoughts!
1-5 of 7 Results