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  1. Animal Issues In The News
    Well here's some more good news ladies and gentlemen, the Midland Texas is now offering patients vegan meals as their first dietary suggestion! And they plan to do more education to patients and their families in that same regard!!! I'm so excited by this news. Are we standing on the...
  2. Women's Health Issues
    It goes without saying that cooking and eating healthy makes it to where a person looks and feels better. To do so, one should know what products to consume to be healthy and how to cook them right. Here is a link to a nice publication on cooking one of the healthiest food. Enjoy and be healthy.
  3. Vegan Support Forum
    I travel as a part of my corporate meetings job, and eat in hotels for breakfast, lunch and dinner with limited or no access to local restaurants. My ability to bring my own food, however, is great, and inoffensive to my clients, and our hotel banquet meals are usually buffet style. So what I...
1-3 of 7 Results