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  1. Women's Health Issues
    I don't know why I start losing my hair. My hair get damaged at the edges. Hair line is receding. I am taking too much stress for it and I am very worried about it. Please suggest me some solution of this problem. I am not gonna bald in young age em just 23.:(:(:crying:
  2. General Health Discussion
    For about 3 years, I’ve been a vegetarian who doesn’t eat cheese or eggs. Hair loss and fatigue have become major problems for me, and I also broke a bone for the first time recently. Despite the fact that these symptoms trace back to when I first went vegetarian, my initial assumption was...
  3. General Health Discussion
    I'm 25, 5'8'' and am currently 135lb. I've been vegetarian for about four years with no problems. Supplemented with B12, Iron, DHA and Zinc. Last fall I entered a sedentary job and started gaining a bit of weight so I opted to work out and eat better. I started exercising regularly and eating...
1-3 of 6 Results