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  1. Physical Fitness
    As per health and fitness concern which food is best suitable Vegan Or Plant-Based, Which One Is The Most Healthy? and being a vegan which type of food you would like to opt.
  2. Physical Fitness
    I know that life has ebbs and flows, especially when it comes to working out. I wanted to know what everyone does to help stay motivated? For me, yoga is a terrific release because it allows me time to gather myself--to balance myself--in such a hectic world. There are times however when I do...
  3. Diets & Losing Weight
    Anyone that is on Instagram and follows other fellow vegans has probably seen the meme where it says broccoli has more protein than beef right? Although there are definite misconceptions outside of our vegan community saying we can't get enough protein, which is of course not true, there are...
  4. Physical Fitness
    Hey friends :) I created a new video sharing my 7 tips on how to become a vegan athlete or start your fitness journey, from my experience as a competitive athlete for the past 20+ years. - I hope you find it useful! XO
  5. Energy Foods (Bars, Smoothies)
    Hey guys! I've been a competitive athlete for over 20 years, and I've always avoided sports drinks like Gatorade because they are junk imo! So, I make my own electrolyte recovery juice, here's my recipe: :)
  6. New Member Introductions
    HI EVERYONE!:) I've just launched my 100% vegan superfood protein on Kickstarter. I'd be keen to get opinions from people in the vegan community on the product and your thoughts on vegan protein supplements as a whole. The Kickstarter name is: Superfood Protein: The World's Healthiest Protein...
  7. General Food Discussions
    Hey people So I recently ordered some unflavoured pea protein powder from online supp retailer Myprotein unsure of what to expect as I have never tried the product before. The problem I'm having is that the taste really isn't nice haha! It's borderline undrinkable when I shake it up in water...
  8. Main Dishes
    Preparing and taste testing the Quorn Roast from frozen, served with veggies and some veg gravy this makes a really nice protein filled meal! Macros (per 100g): 145Kcal - 16.6g Protein - 3.6g Carbs - 6g Fat Hope this helps some people! :)
  9. Main Dishes
    Hey everyone! So this is a really quick and easy meal to put together, so little preparation involved it's almost not worthy of being called "cooking" haha: Macros: 655 Kcal - 33g Protein - 82g Carbs - 19g Fat For my fitness/gym people, you'll notice that this is a very handy/convenient...
  10. Physical Fitness
    I am looking for good vegan training shoes to buy. I want something that can work for weight lifting as well as things like box jumps and burpees. Anyone know of vegan options from mainstream brands? If not completely vegan, then at least leather free.
  11. New Member Introductions
    am so excited to join this forum. My family became vegetarians when I was born so I have been vegetarian for 90% of my life with the exception of a few years when I ate some fish. At the beginning of this year I started bodybuilding competitively and decided to go completely vegan again. At...
  12. Physical Fitness
    Last year I was weightlifting and doing light stretches to keep fit. However this year I did do anything starting from January 1st until now. I really want to start back exercising, but I want to try yoga instead of weightlifting. Also, since transferring to a university from community college...
  13. Physical Fitness
    Hi All . . I'm a certified spin instructor and have been teaching classes for almost 5 years. I'm also a writer (and a vegetarian) so thought I'd combine that and write an article about taking your first spin class. It is really an exercise class for everyone. It's low impact, can be very...
  14. Vegan Support Forum
    I have been vegan for almost 2 years in July, proudly so. I started bodybuilding around the beginning of year 2, upping my protein intake from around 40g, to bodyweight (120lbs) to account for the long hard hauls at the gym and because I was trying to build as much muscle as I could. This lasted...
  15. Physical Fitness
  16. Physical Fitness
    Hi all! I'm new here. I write a vegan food/fitness blog over at and I'm looking for other vegetarian, vegan, or even just plant-based fitness blogs. If you know of any, link them here, and I'll read and share!
  17. Physical Fitness
    Sorry if this Thread might already exist.... But I am really looking forward to read your Fitness-Blogs with new Updates! I hate to read old Blog entries and want to start follow some good about Fitness e.g. what you eat and maybe which supplements do you use, and what kind of goal do you have...
  18. New Member Introductions
    HIII! I'm new. I also have a new youtube channel where i'm posting a lot of the things i do and eat. Check it out here!!! :D:D:D
  19. Transitioning to Vegan
    Hi, I'm a 19 year old who recently transitioned from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet and I've noticed I'm lacking energy when I go to the gym. I've always been quite fit, but today at the gym my vision blurred and my hearing went for about 5 minutes. I've been eating enough protein and taking...